What Causes Gray Hair

What Causes Gray Hair

As opposed to the well-known belief, graying hair isn’t at all times related with a person’s age. This can happen as early as in our teens. It could also range into our late 50′s or even older.

Some actually start to gray hair at an early age, around 20 or 30 and this is what we call “premature graying”. This gray hair developed at a young age may look the same when they get older. Others on the other hand don’t turn gray until they’re on their 50’s or above.

Some celebrities who experience premature graying are Taylor Hicks from the American Idol and Steve Martin, a comedian.

taylor hickssteve martin

If you find much more salt than pepper on your hair, it’s a consistent indication that you’re not anymore youthful. That simple fact are often very hard to bear. Responses differ. In case you opt to focus on the salt, take the inescapable and relegate your self to becoming a spectator in everyday life, in that case no specific action is required. Nevertheless, when the pepper side comes up to you, in that case aggressive actions are necessary to keep a high performance.

Everyone seems to be distinct however the pigment of the hair is actually developed in a similar manner.

Originally, hair is white. Cells within our hair roots known as “Melanocytes” produce pigments usually the one being Melanin. Thus giving our hair its “Color”.

Over all, less melanin present, the lighter would be the color of the hair; the more melanin then the darker would be the color of the hair.

A transparent hair will develop once these Melanocytes stops producing the pigment. These transparent hair mixed up with those healthier darker hair gives the look of Gray hair. In actual fact, the hair isn’t gray, it’s transparent.

Hereditary is the main cause for our hair turning grey.

Once your dad or mom started to develop premature gray hair at a young age, chances are, you too will go gray at a young age. However, this isn’t always the case. Age actually have a large part in the graying development of the hair. As we get older, the cells in the hair shaft that is generated from the hair follicle start producing less pigment until there’s no pigment left in the hair. This will now end up with the transparent hair. Scientists from Harvard reported that if a melanocyte stem cell fails to produce melanocytes, this would then result to hair graying.

Gray Hair Facts

  • Grey hair could be a lot harder to dye because it’s more resistant to hair dye or hair color due to reduced melanin.
  • Grey hair may also be caused by medical problem. If you’re poor in vitamin B12 or are afflicted by a thyroid imbalance this could also bring about your hair going Gray.
  • If your hair is half colored and half white, it’s known as “salt and pepper”.
  • People who smoke tend to be four times more prone to obtain grey hair as compared to non-smokers not to mention smoking continues to be effectively associated with rapid hairloss.

Why Does Hair Turn Grey?