Why these many grey hairs!!-Causes and remedies for grey hair

It is obvious that your hair goes grey due to the increase of age count. But it is strange when youngsters are affected with this sort of problem .Premature greying is  now a day’s seen in most of the people  and that makes the person look aged. Our hair needs lot of proteins and other nutrients for its growth and development. Here are some points that describe what causes grey hair.

What causes greyness in youngsters?

People now a day’s do not follow a healthy food habit so they lack essential minerals in the body. This can be proved as the main cause of greyness in youngsters.

Your hair contains a pigment called as melanin that adds to the color of your hair. If your body do not generate this pigment it can contribute to the color change of your hair and your hair will start becoming colourless .This will cause your hair to turn completely colourless thereby turning into white hairs. If you provide your hair with proper nourishment and nutrients you can easily prevent this and stop this condition. Another cause of this condition is the lack of oil production on the scalp which gradually makes your hair dry and colorless. This can result in severe hair loss and the person will start looking old. The deficiency of vitamin B plays an important role in greying the hair and so it is very important to include all essential elements that are required for the whole body including hair. You can intake food that contain more  copper, iodine and iron  to  prevent the greying and  you can easily remove the dullness of hair If you take various protein rich food you can easily overcome this condition and regain the  shine and radiance of your hair. There are lots of ways to remove this problem using natural home remedies. Taking home remedies will be very helpful and you will be able to get back your hair efficiently with no side effects.

What causes greyness in your hair?


It is very important to understand what causes grey hair in order to prevent it. Greyness is a normal condition that everyone comes through while growing older. But if this condition is experienced in the early ages especially by youngsters it can be because of many problems like chronic cold, sinusitis and many other factors. The most modern techniques of straightening the hairs using electric dryers that uses heat and pressure to make the hair straight. This can be categorised under the cause of hair greyness and it can cause damage to the hairs. People use highly concentrated hair dyes to color the hairs in order to make different colouring which can make your hair weak and colorless. This hormonal imbalance in your body, stress and anxiety caused due to several reason, chronic constipations, thyroid disease etc can cause white hairs. If you inhale metal toxic poisons that contains more metal content, it can cause grey hairs. Another reason for the production of grey hair can be due to dirty conditions of scalp .The chemotherapy and radiation can also have great impact on your hair by increasing the hair fall as well as changing its color.



Know about what causes grey hair and some precautions for grey hair

Hair is one among the important factors in our body which enhances our face. Having good hair is very important as it adds value to our personality. Grey hair is seen in both men and women when they reach certain age. There is also premature grey hair found in many people which is one of the main problems in youth. You should know about what causes grey hair and its precautions.


Some causes of the grey hair

Grey hair is mostly related to aging but sometimes it may be also caused due to the other factors. There are various causes of grey hair which includes the normal aging which is one among the biggest culprit to cause grey hair. Hair changes it texture along with the age which makes them grey. Sometimes the grey hair is caused due to the stress as there are lots of skin and hair issues caused due to stress. If you are experiencing with prolonged period of stress and anxiety, they you may find grey hairs in your head. Hair is affected in various stressful events like the chemotherapy etc. it may be also caused due to the different lifestyles. The pre mature greying of hair is caused due to the hereditary facts. Sometimes the illness can affect the melanin in your body which changes the colour of your hair.


Take care of your with natural remedies

It is very important for you to take care of your hair, proper nourishment is very important for your hair which helps them to stay healthy. It helps to keep the hair, texture, growth and lustre of your hair very good. you hair need proper nourishment which includes the vitamin A which is necessary for improving the health of your scalp and will help to glow your hair. You can include the dark green vegetables in your food which can help you to get the vitamin A. The vitamin B is one of the important factors which regulates the secretion of oil in your hair and keeps it healthy and moisturized. Fresh green leafy vegetables can help you to get a healthy hair. Some minerals are also important for your hair which includes zinc, iron and copper which promotes healthy hair. Consuming more proteins can also provide your hair with a natural shine. Proper nourishment is one of the best ways to prevent the grey hair.

There are numerous products in the market which can help you to prevent the grey hair and you can prevent what causes grey hair. But using the natural remedies is good for your hair as it doing not have any side effects. There are various natural remedies which include the amla which is a best cure for the grey hair, coconut oil which provides black hairs. Lemon juice and castor oil is one of the best remedy for grey hair, strong black tea is good for your hair and provides good colour. It is important to take care of your hair as it is one of the important factors that add value to your personality.


What causes grey hair in people and how to rectify it?

Grey hairs are common in age-old people but at present grey hairs are also seen in youngsters and in children. A premature greying hair will make a person look older than his age; the reason for premature greying is our hair follicles have a pigment called melanin. When our body stop producing the pigmentation then our hair become colourless and turned into white. Therefore resulting in the combination of white and black colours of hair which gives a look of grey colour in our head, another main reason for premature greying is lack of nourishment and nutrition.

The premature aging is common in recent days and it is been characterized into fading of hair colour or colour draining from the hair. This condition can be caused to anyone in the world and will make him to look older than his actually age. the glands and hormones also plays an important role in grey hair hairs , if the oil glands production has been stopped in our hair then it result in grey hair. In such conditions the hair loses all its nutrition and start fading its colour so people who experience grey hair should start concentrating on their diet carefully. If our body do not contain the present of vitamin B, iron and iodine then it will result in grey hair and it also gives symptoms like anxiety, worries and pains. But however the grey hair can be rectified easily by implemented some of the important natural remedies

The common causes of premature grey hair are chronic cold, faulty diet, mental worries, anxiety, and lack of vitamins, iron and iodine. Hereditary factors and dryness in scalp are also play an important role in grey hair. Using electrical dryers, concentrated and unnatural hair colours will also cause grey hair these are the answers for what causes grey hair in people.


Symptoms for premature greying

The most common symptoms seen in people who have premature greying hair is hair fall, loss of hair colour before the age of thirty five in men and women. Brittle hair and head ache symptoms will be experienced only when the grey hair is result of nutritional deficiency or sinus. Some of other causes for grey hair are thyroid disease, folic acid deficiency, chemotherapy and radiation passing. Vitiago and metal posing are some of the common causes of grey hair.


Home remedies of grey hair

Curry leaves are the best home remedies for grey hair so use those leaves in your daily diet and also heat it along with coconut oil and apply it on your scalp in daily basis. Dry few pieces of ribbed gourd in the sun and mix it with coconut oil and then apply it on the dry areas of your hair. Massage the scalp with butter for fast results, the butter massage should be done two times daily for best results. Asian gooseberries are also famous for treating grey hair so use it in your oil or apply the juice directly to your scalp. Thus these are remedies for what causes grey hair in people.



Learn about what causes grey hair and the remedies that are available for it

Appearance of a person changes over time and the prominent truth for this statement is showed by our hair colour. Irrespective of the colour of hair that a person is born, they can turn gray over a period of time. There are various factors that can influence a person’s hair colour to turn white. There are a few causes discussed below about what causes grey hair in a person. While some of the factors cannot be revered, there are other factors which can be stopped to prevent early greying of their hair.


Irreversible factors that changes the hair colour slowly

The most common problem that causes grey hair is the genetics. It can have a profound impact on people at any age that they might be in. People, whose parents had this defect at an early age in their lives themselves, stand a chance of getting impacted by it at a similar age themselves. Also known as premature greying, the culprit for this is due to the absence of melanocytes at an early stage itself. This is reasonable for the generation of melanin or the colour pigments, which helps in providing a colour to the hair. Due to the genes, these melanocytes stop producing the melanin pigments from an earlier stage in them compared to other people. Aging is another factor which stops them from producing such pigments in a person. With the passage of age, people lose melanocytes from their body gradually, thereby making them turn greyer. Studies say that people stand a chance of having 10 to 15% of grey hair every decade once they cross the age of 30. Though it might hold true for some people, others do not seem to find to be true enough on them. Another lesser known issue is due to the lack of proper nutrients in body. Vitamin B12 is a major health substance that helps to determine the colour of a person’s hair. Those with lesser amount of Vitamin B12 or those who suffer from thyroid imbalance can also find their hair colour to be changed.


Factors that people can avoid to get a salty hair

While salt or grey hair is unavoidable, one can prevent a few factors which actually assist in turning their hair white. A few factors that people actually create by themselves to assist on what causes grey hair can be avoided by them, if they know about it and overcome them. Smoking can help in turning a coloured hair white by reducing the pigments in their body drastically. People who are under stress also find their pepper coloured hair to turn into a salty colour in a short span of time. Bit these factors are very important to be avoided, as they not only result in the loss of melanin pigments, but also their hair completely. Another factor would be due to junk food, though this only amounts to a very small percentage of impact in people.